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Stew the stegosaurus Heavy Chewer
 Good Karma
Rope Dog Toy

Good Karma Rope Toys have it all!
Durable, recyclable, non-toxic and adorable!

All Jax & Bones Rope Toys give 10% back to animal rescue organizations.

Stew The Stegosaurus Grey

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Stew The Stegosaurus Grey

Pre order now and this product will ship by the end of September.

Good Karma rope toys are hand tied and dyed using non-toxic vegetable dyes. 10% of the proceeds from these toys to rescue and animal welfare groups. As your dog chews, our rope toys fray and act like doggie dental floss!


All rope toys act like dental floss and are biodegradable. You can also dip your toy into water, freeze it, and use it to cool off your dog during hot summers or if you have a pup who is teething. All rope toys are hand knotted and thus parts can be easily removed when major fraying begins. Our rope toy collection is all machine washable. Once toys are completely unraveled, compost them!

Care Instructions

All rope toys are machine washable!

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Giving is hard work but it’s also a lot of fun. As an important part of why Jax and Bones was created was to give back to animals in need. Each year Jax and Bones donates 10% of toy sales to Animal Rescue Groups in the US.

Check out products, Good Karma Rope Toys ™ and Candle with a Cause ™. Both products were created to help The Rescue a non profit 501c3 dog and cat rescue. With your purchase of these items, a once forgotten animal will become a cherished family member.