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All Jax & Bones Rope Toys give 10% back to animal rescue organizations.

Elephant Rope Dog Toy

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Elephant Rope Dog Toy

Coco the Elephant never forgets that there are animals in the world who need help. When you bring Coco home, Jax and Bones donates a 10% of the proceeds to rescue groups to help homeless animals find their forever home. This toy is hand-tied and dyed using non-toxic vegetable dyes. As your doggie chews, the rope toy frays and acts like doggie dental floss. Dip toy in water and freeze to cool down a hot dog or soothe a teether. This toy is for heavy chewers. **BEST SELLER!**


Clip off parts of the toy that become untied and dispose of toy when unravelled.
This toy is meant to be chewed and eventually destroyed during play.
If your pet is a heavy chewer, choose large or jumbo sized toys and/or dip toy in water and freeze to prolong play .
These toys act as doggie dental floss. Dip in water and freeze! 100% Eco-Friendly and made with chemical-free natural vegetable dyes. Tied using AZO-free cotton rope. Machine wash and dry. Made in China.

Care Instructions

Machine wash and dry toy as needed. When unravelled, this toy can be composted as it's 100% cotton rope dyed with vegetable dyes.

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Giving is hard work but it’s also a lot of fun. As an important part of why Jax and Bones was created was to give back to animals in need. Each year Jax and Bones donates 10% of toy sales to Animal Rescue Groups in the US.

Check out products, Good Karma Rope Toys ™ and Candle with a Cause ™. Both products were created to help The Rescue Train.org a non profit 501c3 dog and cat rescue. With your purchase of these items, a once forgotten animal will become a cherished family member.

Customer Love

"Doggy Dental Floss" works great and my dog loves playing with this
By M. Erb
May 13, 2016

This is a review of the Jax and Bones Elephant rope toy. I was provided with a free sample for evaluation.

My Standard Poodle loves to chew on this elephant rope toy. We feel it helps keep her teeth clean. She'll gnaw on this for long period of time, occasionally ripping shreds of the rope apart.

It's important to know your dog. If your dog is a ripper and swallower, then you will want to pay particular attention to your dog as it is playing with this toy. As shreds of the toy are ripped off, pick them up and throw them out otherwise your dog will likely try to swallow them. My dog rarely tries to swallow the shreds, rather she just leaves them in hunks on the floor. We pick them up and toss them out.

If the dangling threads get too dangly, you can easily trim them with a pair of scissors.

With supervision, this is an excellent toy. My dog loves it and it does keep her teeth cleaner... it truly is doggie dental floss.

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