Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars. Based on 22 Reviews

Love the colors, hip by Jackie Bear on 04/26/2017

Love this bed, just purchased it. Great fabric

Thank you for making a good bed by Jojo loves his bed on 04/13/2017

Best bed ever. Not a joke

Definitely worth buying. by DD on 04/12/2017

She loved it but chewed it up. Need to get another one.

My doggy loves it!! by Casey on 03/11/2017

My friend has the flying piggy and my dog ADORES this toy. I mean absolutely loves it. Please PLEASE get it in soon!!

Great Toy by Di on 12/16/2016

I bought my dog the rope spider. She loves it! Very high quality and withstands the wear and tear that it gets. My dog thanks you!

Mr. Duck by B on 12/14/2016

I never write reviews, ever, for anything, but I have to tell you how much my dog loves your woolie toys. The platypus, aka Mr. Duck, is my 100 lb black lab's favorite toy. He walks around the house with it in his mouth squeaking it and sleeps with it next to him sometimes using it as his pillow. I keep buying extra platypi because I don't have the heart to take one of the old destroyed ones away from my dog without replacing it. Thank you for making such a great product that brings so much joy to my dog, and by extension, me. I will keep buying Mr. Ducks as long as you sell them.

Great Quality - Generous Sizing by Carrie K on 11/26/2016

I purchased this bed in 2015 on the Black Friday sale. It's an awesome bed! The fabric I got was cream herringbone - they no longer offer it in this style bed apparently. The fabric is high quality, the bed is well made with nice zip-outs for the bolsters to make washing easier. I think the price was great with the sale pricing. My only complaint is that the bed is actually too big. I bought the XL for my 130 lb mastiff. She can sprawl out and still have plenty of room, but she prefers to ball up and snuggle in her beds and this bed is just too big for that. Had I known better, I would have bought the Large instead. Not an issue if you can see these beds in person, but for mail order it's a bit of a gamble for me.

Lost his tail :( by tchrann on 10/13/2016

So cute, but my Yorkie had the tail off of Mr. Squirrel in 3 days. Now there is a hole in his backside and I will have to restitch it all to keep the stuffing from coming you.

Would not buy another. by Kenzie08 on 10/03/2016

This toy didn't last 15 minutes with my puppy... I thought it looked like a good durable toy but it unravelled like a loose ball of yarn and the insides were strung out all over... poor hippo never had a chance. And because I bought it from a store not the online site I can't return it...

Gorgeous and High Quality by TrooperD on 09/27/2016

Gorgeous fabric and very high quality. My dog is a puppy and growing and he will use this napper for years to come. I LOVE that the center insert comes out and the bed is machine washable. Thank you!

Jax & Bones is ranked 4.4 out of 5. Based on 22 user reviews.